FIPRER is a part of the Purushotham Goculdas or the PG group as it is known, which has interests in Textiles, Herbal products, Retail of Electronics/Readymade garments/Herbal products and real estate. Purushotham Goculdas is a sister concern of Fiprer which deals in Handloom Textiles & Madeups Exporting since many years has given us solid supply and production systems to cater to exacting international buyers. We export all kinds of Handloom and Powerloom fabrics ranging from Voiles to Furnishings and Dobbys to Plaids and Made ups like Table Linen, Kitchen Linen and Bed Linen. Our specialties are Co-ordinated lines of Home furnishings and fabrics from blends of new and exotic fibres.

In the Textile industry since 1940s, the Purushotham Goculdas group was one of the earliest entrants in the Handloom export business from this traditional Handloom center of Kannur. With more than 60 years in this business we have a strong presence in the industry and our buyers range from the largest markets like U.S.A., Europe, Japan etc to smaller markets like Mauritius, Malaysia, Bahrain etc. Our clients include top The Main Administrative office of Fiprer in Kannur. FIPRER exports Handloom fabrics and Made ups departmental stores, mail order companies, large conglomerates, and large garment manufacturers on one side to small boutiques and traders on the other. Each client is very important to us and we provide our best service to all.

Stringent Quality controls at all stages of manufacture ensure that the goods are of International standards and buyer's exact specification. The years of experience enable us to please the quality conscious by adhering to usage of quality yarn and dyes only from reputed companies with whom we have link ups since many years. Production systems also confirm to standards perfected with experience over the years.

Our master craftsmen create Stylish landmark designs that have passed the test of time by remaining in our buyers buy-list for a number of years. Our office has an endless treasury of designs and weaves created by highly skilled weavers mixing classic traditional designs with modern contemporary ideas. We are proud of the fact that we are able to weave complicated and simple designs with the same ease. We are active members of various Export Promotion Councils.

Fiprer exports Quality fabrics and Made upsCompetitive pricing and prompt deliveries are the reason for the goodwill and lasting relationships we enjoy with our clients. Buyers are pleased with the fact that we source raw materials from our large database of companies for a Value for money solution.


The founder of the group, was Late Mr.Purushotham Goculdas who consolidated and focussed the various trading businesses like coconuts, spices, timber into core sectors like Wood and Textiles in the 40s. The group has been into textiles since then, exporting cotton sports shirting to Pakistan, spices to U.S.A. and domestically trading in mill cloth, coconuts and sawn timber. In the early 50s we started trading in yarn and were appointed the state nominee for cotton and viscose yarn. In 1957, we acquired a match making factory from the Swedish company WIMCO and a plywood factory in 1963. In the 80s, we expanded by setting up a plywood factory in Bangalore and cable factories in Mangalore.

FIPRER, the youngest members of the group was created specifically to cater to the international market and is an Export Oriented Unit. Since its inception in 1989, it has been evolving constantly to keep abreast with the changing times with valuable input from customers aiding in introducing new lines and designs.


Fiprer exports Quality fabrics and Made ups Into Business and Trading since more than 7 generations, The PG group is a family of business people. The present management of the Textile division comprising of M/s Purushotham Goculdas and M/s FIPRER is handled by Mr. Suryakant Purushotham and his sons, Mr. Sachin and Mr. Rohil. An efficient and energetic staff led by manager, Mr. P. V. Padmakshan guarantees the completion of all orders well within the deadlines of the buyers.

The Millennium Ahead

FIPRER has made a conscious effort to develop new and exotic fibres and blends like Lycra, Jute, Flax, and Silk to wholly differentiate itself from the suppliers of commoditised cotton fabrics by giving tremendous value addition to its products. By continuously evolving newer designs and weaves we are able to satisfy the most discriminating taste by supplying premium quality products made by our highly skilled weavers.

A range of new items ranging from bags and travel packs to souvenirs has also been added to our range to cater to the growing international tourism and hospitality industry. We can design new products and customise or modify existing products to suit your requirements.