Fiprer's mission statement is Quality, Style, Value. In essence, it means our topmost priority is to provide quality products at very competitive prices with an eye for the latest trends and styles in the industry.


Quality for FIPRER is not only for raw materials or finished products, but also the processes and systems. We adopt all necessary care for the environment by using azo-free and environment friendly dyes and processes but also consider the human element of utmost importance and are vehemently against Child labour and exploitation of the weaker sections of society.

Raw materials like yarn used are to the specified standards of the buyers and sourced from only reputed mills which provide consistently good quality and reach standards for absorption and strength. Dyes used are sourced only from reputed companies. Azo free dyes are used keeping in mind the environment and end user.

Dyeing is done at new dye house where extreme care is taken to match colours perfectly by using high technology mixed with the age old experience of our master dyers. Dyed yarn and fabrics are tested through reputed textile testing laboratories.

Weaving is done on perfectly aligned and maintained looms so that the finished product is flawless. Continuous checking is carried out on the looms itself so that corrections, if any, are made immediately preventing losses and subsequent rejection of sub-standard goods.

Our Stitching using latest machines is as per international standards and is second to none. The quality is very well accepted by quality conscious buyers in Japan, USA, Europe etc.

100% Checking of all goods is done by our despatch section to ensure that only goods that reach our high standards are sent to the buyer. Tagging, Labeling and Packing is also carried out as per buyers standards and requirements.


Our weavers are constantly turning out new designs and combinations with older classic weaves to come up with exotic designs and weaves. We also develop or adapt designs, textures and colours as per our buyer's specifications.

We are constantly on the lookout for inspiration for new designs, weaves and textures from the natural and technical worlds while preserving traditions of the handloom industry. Fibres like lycra, flax, jute, chenille are incorporated in new designs giving a whole new look and feel to traditional fabrics.

Gifts and other Made ups are designed, created and developed keeping in mind the changing patterns of living in the world. Old items are phased out and newer modified products more in tune with today's lifestyle are regularly introduced.


A high quality product with the latest styles is of no significance if it does not provide value for money. FIPRER understands this basic tenent of commerce and works untiringly by scanning markets for more competitively priced raw materials and processes, whether they be as important as dyes and yarn or packing materials or even computerising order processing systems.

It is our belief that only by providing High Quality products produced using quality machinery and tools in classic and contemporary Styles which provide unbeatable Value to the user, is the existence and growth of any company possible. We at FIPRER are continuously working for and towards this aim.